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Flag and Eagle
This is how it all began, with a simple post on Facebook and people said I should write a blog.  Well, here it is.  Over the course of time this page will be replaced with a new format…but, for now, I wanted you all to see how it all began.  To see more blog entries, go to the menu bar and hover your mouse over the word Blog and you will see many different categories and posts.  Click on any of them and it will take you to the deepest recesses of our minds.

Please know that nothing is off limits.  I am going to be speaking my mind and telling you how I see the world.  Sometimes, you will agree and sometimes you won’t.  Both are great because I love a lively discussion.


Rights, freedoms, equality

What does that mean? Does that mean that if I believe something that you don’t that I get to force you to agree with me so it isn’t violating my rights? Does equality mean that I get to not to work or even help in the community and still be given food and a roof over my head and medical paid for? Does freedom mean I can go out into the community and just take whatever I want and say it is because I was mistreated in a past life, or G-d told me to do it?

No people it doesn’t mean any of that. Listen up and listen well. You have the right to agree or disagree with me and quite frankly I do not care one way or the other, unfriend me, block me, comment crap on this and I do not care….THAT is your right. Don’t violate mine by cussing me out after reading this though.

Here are the hard cold facts of life….the way it ought to be.

1. If you love someone and you want to get married great do it. More power to you (divorce attorneys are rejoicing).

2 If you feel that assisting in a marriage that doesn’t agree with your morals and principals fine, that’s your right….you’re stupid for throwing away that kind of money or job, but hey it is your right.

3 I do not care one flip what color you are. Do NOT throw your race at me….I’ve got some of just about every race available in my system so bite off and quit the name calling.

4. You do not have a right to food stamps and government assistance. Social security is insurance/retirement that we pay into every month, not yours to take because your daddy is in jail.

5. ALL Veterans that serve at least 10 years or are injured in battle should be given free housing for life (no arguments that’s just how it should be). Their dependents should be given free college…period.

6. If you are on government assistance because you are popping out kids like a gumball machine then you should be on birth control (especially if you have more than two baby daddies….and NONE of them are in the picture).

7. If a business doesn’t want to bake your wedding cake because of their beliefs then move on to someone who does…goodness sakes do you really trust someone who doesn’t like you or are you forcing it because you can? Be honest at least with yourself.

8. I am an AMERICAN, not black, white, purple, green, yellow, red….just an American. I work, I play, I love, I live, I die…an American….get over it.

9. If you break into my house, you will get shot. If you steal from me you will be dealt with. If you hurt me or mine, that too will be dealt with.

10. I love my family and friends but I am SICK and tired of all the bullshit, so read what I have said and either stay or go, I don’t give a rat’s ass….as my momma used to say, don’t let the door hit ya where the lord split ya.